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zulily is a discovery-based online retailer focused on delivering customers special finds at incredible prices. With 9,000 new products launching every day, the creative marketing, studio, and copy teams stay continuously busy creating content for the site and apps. 






Shark Tank Event
For the holiday season our merchandising team curated a group of 39 events filled with innovative products from the hit show Shark Tank. I was tasked with creating the responsive site and app experience including concepting, photoshoot art direction, retouching, design, and technical implementation.My concept for the collection was an overhead shot combining various products with monoline oceanic illustrations.



With over 100 total events on our homepage, I designed image overlays to help the Shark Tank events stand out from the rest. To aid our product studio photographers and production artists I created a concept document with graphic overlay guidelines and best practices along with photography direction notes.



All products were shot individually and composited together for each desktop, phone, and tablet placement. 



To compliment the product photography and add visual interest I illustrated a seamless oceanic-themed pattern to use as a background element.



The final homepage creative which led you to a jump page containing all 39 events.



To organize the large number of events in the collection I utilized a new functionality in our iPad and iPhone apps—horizontal scrolling events grouped by category.



On certain event pages I added filler tiles that linked to informational videos to educate customers about product features and functionality. 



To surprise and delight our customers I created a themed custom app loader to replace our default app loader for the day of the event.


Photographer: Matt Villanueva. Stylist: Devon Herling. Copywriter: Kendra Hayes.



Textiles Event
The merchandising team pitched an idea to the creative marketing team for a group of textile events featuring an animated overhead shot with a bed full of plush bedding. Taking that inspiration I created a concept document to provide direction to the stylist and photographer. To add some life (and cuteness) to the shot I recommended we include a fluffy friend to cozy up on the bed.



A peek at a few of our unedited test shots.



The final stop motion animation as seen on our desktop homepage. The animation ran one time allowing the text and buttons to be persistently visible. With some slight technical and layout modifications, the animation was also featured on our tablet and phone apps.  



The event pages for each of the 6 categories included custom header images.



We also grabbed some additional shots for our social media team and got a surprise visit from a second pup—8-week-old Frenchie, Otis.



...and one more extra because 🐶


Photographer: Austin Tott. Stylist: Michelle Lateste. Copywriter: Sonya Vatomsky.



Under Armour Event
zulily runs Under Armour events quarterly and they've quickly become one of our highest grossing events. We're restricted to using vendor imagery, but try to infuse a sense zulily style with supplementary graphics and animation.

Under Armour's photography is high-quality, but shot in a variety of environments and lighting conditions. To make the creative feel more cohesive I isolated the models, made the photos black and white, and ran a stripe across all backgrounds. The color images show one at a time on hover, making the differences in photographic style less noticeable.